Boats 20ft to 40ft


1 Life Jacket per person
2 Oars/Paddles
1 Bailer/Manual Bilge Pump
1 Anchor, 2ft Chain, 200ft Rope
1 Horn
1 Flashlight
1 Life Buoy and 50Ft Line


All the above, plus:
2 Red Flares
3 Red Rockets
3 Orange Smokes
1 Dye Marker
1 Mirror
1 Fire Extinguisher

You should also be aware

It is the law!  The 5 knot / No Wake Zone was introduced in July 1988. It is an offence to navigate a boat within 100 metres of the shoreline (except as listed below) at a speed in excess of 5 knots or in a manner which creates a wake - event at a speed less then 5 knots.

What a wake affects:

a) A boat along side a dock
b) Boats tied alongside one another
c) Boats at anchor or mooring, especially if people are embarking or disembarking from another boat
d) Swimmers trying to climb steps to a dock or swimming ladder

Speed Limit Exceptions

a) Two Rock Passage
b) Head of the Lane Passage
c) Town Cut Channel
d) Ferry Reach (from the sea to the Airfield Landing light pylons approaching from the west)
e) Western Hogfish Channel from the Dockyard to the sea except the section west of Mangrove Bay between the Quintons and Gray's Point